Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Going Rogue Drinking Game

Today I came to the sad realization that if I have to read a book full of Palin's Vincent's logic & simple sentences, I would need copious amounts of bourbon. Instead of just getting drunk while I read the book, I am going to have a little more fun & create my own Going Rogue drinking game.

Take a sip when:
-The word maverick is used.
-Palin discusses any of her children by name.
-lipstick on a pig, hockey mom, small town values & being an outsider in the Washington elite are referenced.
-The 1st Dude's professional snow-machine riding career is mentioned.
-She complains about the media attacking her children.

Take a shot when:
-Palin refers to Trig as her "angel baby"
-Palin attempts to claim that being able to see Russia from her house makes her equipped in foreign policy matters as vice president of the United States.
-Any reference to Palin running in 2012 is mentioned.

Down the bottle when:
-Palin refers to Barack Obama as a "black citizen."
-Palin refers to Trig as her "retard baby."
-She shots a wolf or moose (drink 2 bottles if it's from a helicopter.)

I predict a very boozy read for me & I encourage all to join in on the fun!!

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