Monday, November 23, 2009

What's Next

I started reading Chapter 3 of the Palin book, but then an intense wave of nausea hit me. I went to the bathroom, had a sip of water, read some more. More nausea. I had to put the book down. Picked up a magazine--no nausea. Going Rogue is literally making me sick to my stomach. I don't want to know what would happen had I kept reading. So I got to thinking about what will be next for the blog, after finishing this Palin book.

I am going to blog chapter by chapter Carrie Prejean's book. I have heard that Prejean's book is far more enraging than Palin, as Prejean focuses much more on social issues, but I feel that Prejean is an appropriate follow up to Palin. Also, I am having trouble ascertaining who Prejean's ghostwriter is. If anyone knows, please shoot me an email or comment.

I think that this blog will focus on the cult of conservative celebrity after I am finished with these 2 books. I imagine I will be pretty burnt out on reading Republican screeds, & that seems to be the most appropriate place for the blog to go. Here are my topics for consideration:
-Why are the conservatives so obsessed with women's looks? They seem to take a special pride in putting forth conventionally hot women as validation for their cause. Also, why is it that when a liberal woman is conventionally attractive, she is attacked so viciously?
-Why are people like Palin & Prejean (& Joe the Plumber) such loud mouthpieces for the Republican party? Why aren't more moderate voices being heard? I would love to hear from Meghan McCain, as she is someone who both intrigues & troubles me, but it seems that the conservative base doesn't want to promote her. They want to promote the insanity that is Palin & Prejean?

So basically, I will be reading Carrie Prejean's book, focusing on the cult of Republican celebrity and perhaps blogging more ridiculous books as they come across my desk.

I will continue with the Palin book later on tonight, provided the nausea it is inducing does not continue. (& if it does, then damn it, I'm doing the Palin drinking game & blogging the hilarious results of that activity.)

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  1. Dealing with your first set of questions, it seems that the party line on the right is that conservative women are attractive while liberal women are ugly, mannish, etc. (See Ann Coulter's comments on the 2004 Democratic convention, for example.) It goes with the old canard that feminists are women who can't attract men. Despite the ridiculousness of this meme, it appears to be an article of faith. I think this has a lot to do with the questions you pose.